I did not hit a single goal I set in 2018. Life changed dramatically when I ended up with a girlfriend instead. But I’m not complaining.

Since my life ended up changing so drastically, I’m not even going to revisit the goals I set in 2018 as I’ve done in the past. They’re not relevant anymore.

This year – unlike in previous years when I set fairly lofty goals – I’m going to think about what I want to do more realistically.

I’m also going to try to focus on consistency, building a habit around these lifestyle choices. I’ve chosen four foundational habits to focus on:


Running is super important for my mental health. When the weather is good, I should try to run every couple of days. It’s my time alone to relax, think, and enjoy nature. It puts me in a good mood for several days after.

I recently read Haruki Murakami’s memoir What I Talk About When I Talk About Running. It was inspiring how consistent Murakami has been with running over the years. Murakami also shows great skill in being able to push himself, picking up new skills and improving skills he’s obtained as he gets older. I’d love to emulate Murakami.

With running, I’ve been pretty consistent with this over the years. Now I just want to keep it up.


I recently discovered that I can read on planes. Previously I found planes very distracting. It was an amazing discovery to me. Being stuck in a seat for four hours with a book allowed me to get deep into the book, reading quickly and with an understanding you only get for reading for long periods at a time.

And I really enjoyed it. I want to get back into reading for long periods of time more often.

In the past, reading is a habit that has been hard for me to maintain. It’s easy to get lazy at the end of the day and do almost anything other than read. I’ll have to fight that!

This one will be hard for me.

Saving money

I’m really into the FIRE philosophy. My goal is to stop working as early in life as possible (or at least have enough money to not have to work). This would free me up to do hobbies, volunteer, or work a meaningful – but not well-paying – job.

I’ve been pretty consistent with saving money over the years. I’m pretty good at saving money while single. But it’s harder to budget when you’re in a relationship. I want to be careful that I don’t begin down a path of lifestyle inflation.

Not drinking alcohol

A new goal of mine is to all but stop drinking without really making a big deal about it. I’ve realized that I don’t like being drunk, nor do I enjoy being hungover.

To be drunk is to not be fully present. This is another reason I’ve decided on this goal. I want to be sober and cognizant, regardless of time of day or day of week. Being able to be present, to take care of other’s and my own wellbeing is valuable.

For now I’m cool with a drink every few months, or a sip here and there, but I would love to be completely free of alcohol eventually.

Well, that wraps up my goals – here’s to a good 2019!