Dance Dance Dance

So went the dream. Or whatever it was.

Dance Dance Dance was not as enchanting as A Wild Sheep Chase, but is still worth a read. The book is the continuation of the story for the latter and is technically the third (or forth depending on how you are counting) of a series. As expected, it includes all of the major Murakami cliches—but not in tiring amounts.

The real challenge I had with this book was the long middle portion. While Murakami’s books meander—and that’s part of the joy of his writing—this one especially seemed to have distinct settings for the middle and the beginning/end of the book. This made it a bit disjointed for me and the ending felt rushed.

To be honest, much of ability to enjoy Murakami books is situational—I think a reread is in order for this book. Perhaps I’ll enjoy it more in another day or time.

Book cover for Dance Dance Dance
Dance Dance Dance
Murakami, Haruki