September garden update

It’s a rough time of year for my garden. Every plant in my garden has been suffering the wrath of the hot summer sun. The natives have of course been doing better than the plants less adapted to the 100°F+ weather, but even they have been suffering. The one plant that seems uniquely immune is the Texas mountain laurel. I love that plant. I just wish it would grow faster!

Fruiting trees

Since the fruiting trees have only been around for a year or so, I wasn’t expecting any fruit this summer. The persimmon tree held to those expectations, but the fig tree surprisingly produced some figs this year! Unfortunately due to the heat and my lack of watering the figs didn’t turn out super edible, but it’s still progress.

Watering the wildlife

Inspired by my dad, I’ve started leaving water out for the wildlife in this extra-dry summer of ours. I set out a little flower-pot platter I had sitting around and I fill it up daily. I put a rock in the water to give wasps and other small wildlife a perch to sit on or a means of escape. It’s been really neat seeing all the wasps and birds come by to refresh themselves.

New edging technique

As I’ve begun replacing my grass with various trees, shrubs, and other plants, I’ve created mulch islands around them. The big battle I’ve had is with the grass attempting to encroach on this area since I don’t have any boundaries preventing it. Recently I’ve learned of a natural edging technique meant to help with this. I’m going to try it out and see how it goes!

Planting things too early

I couldn’t help myself when I went to the plant store recently and I bought a couple of plants. I got a native mountain laurel and non-native bottlebrush. Here’s to hoping I can keep them alive in this brutal heat.