Welcome to the new year! As is tradition, this is my yearly aspirations and goal setting blog post. Unlike in past years, this year I’m in the mood to keep it concise. Also, I don’t have much interest in engaging with my goals for 2023. So I won’t. Bye 2023! As for what I’m interested in focusing on in 2024, I’ve realized that I really want to continue being intentional with my time this year. To me this means—

I will use more of my free time reading this year

Whether non-fiction or fiction, whether books that are simple or complex, I think that reading is a great use of my free time and helps me unwind and (sometimes) learn. I will intentionally keep various types of books around me so that I don’t get stuck when I run in to one that makes me want to avoid reading. I won’t be afraid of spending money on books either.

I will avoid using the internet aimlessly

Such a waste of time. I’ve done a good job avoiding most time sinks on the internet, but find myself sucked in to Reddit and YouTube more often than I would like. I won’t stress if I find myself aimlessly on these sites, but I’ll work to have better things to do with my time replace them (namely reading, gardening, …or even just sitting about).

I will continue exercising with the intensity I did at the end of 2023

Near the end of 2023, I was rowing around 50km a week. And I felt great doing it! I want to keep this up, whether I am running, rowing, or doing whatever else I could be doing for my body. If I’m feeling up for it, I might even push further. But that’s only if I’m feeling up for it.

Achieving these goals

Introducing some techniques into my life can help me achieve these goals. I will work to maintain routine and keep an active log of where I’m spending my time (retrospectively) to attempt to force myself to engage with where I am and where I am not being successful with the above.