This page is filled with the status of various big life-spanning goals of mine, some more achievable than others. By representing them publicly here, I hope to not lose sight of them and let them fall back into the background.

Exercise to the moon

At some point in 2023 I made the horrible decision to start tracking my run and erg progress against the distance to the moon. Since I've started collecting data (going back at least to 2018), I've exercised ? meters. That's ?% of the way to the moon. I've got a way to go!


Join me on the Concept2 logbook if you'd like!

Learn tiếng Việt

Tôi muốn học tiếng Việt. I hope to become a novice in Vietnamese. To me, this includes basic conversational fundamentals as well as the ability to read elementary texts.

Join me on Duolingo if you'd like!

Finish and publish a video game

Another goal I re-initiated in 2023 is to finish a video game. Honestly I don't even have that much interest in making games, but there's this one game from the 90s I really want to play again.

More coming on this soon, including status tracking.