Two Cheers for Anarchism

I am suggesting that two centuries of a strong state and liberal economies may have socialized us so that we have largely lost the habits of mutuality and are in danger now of becoming precisely the dangerous predators that Hobbes thought populated the state of nature.

This was a great rambling—while somehow also straightforward—read. It felt like the classic rambling history professor that I personally enjoy greatly. Short little ‘fragments’ of explorations related to anarchism make up the larger book.

The one downside of this books is that the fragments are only somewhat related to one another: there is a lack of glue and clear takeaways.

Nonetheless, the book is though-provoking and a fun read. I do recommend this as a fun starter to begin thinking about these ideas.

Book cover for Two Cheers for Anarchism
Two Cheers for Anarchism
James C. Scott