Need an engineering leader?

Hi, I'm Andrew and I'm a software engineering manager based out of Austin, TX. I am open to hearing about new roles as either a software engineering manager or software engineer, both locally and remote.

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Résumé in 10 seconds

  • I've been a Software Engineering Manager since 2019 and I was a Software Engineer prior to that.
  • I've built products usings Django, Java Spring, and React, among other things.
  • I graduated from Rice University in 2014 with a degree in computer science.

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Leadership beliefs, briefly

  • I serve my team. I'm there to create an environment where they can do their most impactful work.
  • I give my direct reports feedback early and often. I don't delay critical feedback.
  • I lead by example. I don't ask my team to exemplify behaviors that I can or do not exemplify.

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