My leadership philosophy

What is this?

This living document is intended to capture my beliefs as a manager. It has two broad audiences—myself, to force myself to process my own beliefs; and peers, direct reports, and bosses, as a starting point for conversation.

First, two important caveats. The first is that this is not an immutable document. Like my views on management, this document is a continuous work-in-progress and changes often. I’ll learn and adjust as I go! The second caveat is that none of this is novel. This is built upon things I’ve learned from others, books I’ve read and other sources along the way. I’ll try to note them when possible.

As a reader, let me know what you think and let’s talk!

1. Service-oriented leadership

This is the classic one. Traditionally this is called servant leadership, but I prefer the service label. Slightly different word, same meaning. What does this mean to me?

2. Grow and celebrate

I aim to be intentional about career growth and celebrating wins (both individual and team) as they happen. A core portion of my job is to help engineers on the team realize their potential. What does this mean to me?

3. Lead and defend

This section is about respect. I am to exemplify behaviors I want to see out of the team—it’s hard to respect a leader when they’re asking you to do things they either can’t or won’t do themselves. I’ll respect their time and make sure we’re using it in the best way possible. What does this mean to me?

Conclusion: my promise as a manager

My promise as a manager is that I will strive to do these things and more. I am always open to being wrong. I will never stop growing and improving myself. This document will grow and change over time as I do. Thank you so much for reading through this—let me know if you’d like to talk about it!

Appendix: Influences

I intend to flesh this section out a bit more with the why and how, but here are a few books that have influenced my way of thinking as a manager. Listed from most-to-least influential on my beliefs.

Have a recommendation? Let me know!

Appendix: Things not yet discussed

My list above is not exhaustive. I’ve noticed it excludes these topics—among others certainly—